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Reunion Committee 

Alice Walek Morgan
William Locascio
Richard P. Mroz
Kathy Hruby Rutledge
Cathleen Scherr Fahy
Michelle Lukasiewicz Romanelli

  • Date:  October 5 , 2013
  • Place: Hilton Garden Inn Rockaway
375 Mount Hope Ave. (Rockaway Mall)
Rockaway, NJ 07866

    We are the first PHHS class to start as freshman and graduate in 1973. Some may have accomplished more in life than others and some may be happier than others. It doesn’t matter who or what we’ve become we are all equally; the PHHS CLASS OF 73! Our class had over 400 students. Over the years we helped each other as well as strangers come together. October 5 2013 some of us came together to reminisce  and reunite with old friends and forgotten loves. Some made new old friends that will not let time keep them apart. We all must pray that we are able to make our 50 year reunion.  See you in 10yrs  maybe sooner.
R.P. Mroz

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Walter Biron
Albert Berg
Michael Bomber
Gerald DeCroce
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 $800.00+ in unused funds will be donated to A-T Childern's Project in the name of 
PHHS class of 73 

Thank you for your help 

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Walk Through the Door
written & recorded by Perry Leandro
Billy Locascio & Rich Mroz are devoted members of RIDE4AVI  also on the Board of Directors which raises money for A-T Children’s Project. All unused funds from this reunion will be donated to A-T Children’s Project in the name of
 PHHS Class of 73. 
Have questions or concerns? Email the reunion committee at parsiphills73@optonline.net
Thank you for helping us celebrate our 40 year reunion.

A great time was had by all !!!
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